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Note: This wiki is extremely strict, vandalism and copying other's magic or editing it w/out permission results into a punishment. But has higher chance of your idea to be in the game. If your magic/physical is a fusion make sure the implemented magics or physicals exist.

In the unofficial one, this wiki is not that strict, but you have 0.0001% chance for your idea to be released in the game.

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Q: I have no ideas?

Remember, there are two kinds of combat abilities, magics, and physicals.

Combat Abilities are type of fighting styles that can be used to fight each other to get karmas.

Magic is a type of an combat ability that requires the user to use his/her spirit rather than his/her physical body, a magic spell requires mana so it can be used.

Physical is a type of an combat ability that can temporarily enhance the user's physical body rather than his/her spirit. Example is Power is an upcoming physical that enhances the user's arms to create a powerful punch. A spell of an physical requires stamina.

Please keep in mind that Magic and Physicals are just the same when it comes to spells.

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